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Minolta Camera Serial Number Lookup


Minolta Camera Serial Number Lookup

How to Find Out More About Your Minolta Camera Using Serial Number Lookup

If you own a Minolta camera, you might be curious about its history, features, and warranty. One way to find out more information about your camera is to use a serial number lookup service. A serial number is a unique code that identifies your camera and can reveal some useful details about it. Here are some steps to follow to use a serial number lookup service for your Minolta camera.

Locate the serial number on your camera. Depending on the model, the serial number can be found on different places. For example, for older models like the Autocord, the serial number is located above the logo "Minolta Autocord" on the front of the camera[^2^]. For newer models like the CDS I and CDS III, the serial number is on the top of the rear door[^2^]. You can also check the manual or the box of your camera for the serial number.

Visit a website that offers a serial number lookup service for Minolta cameras. There are several websites that have databases of Minolta serial numbers and their corresponding models, years of production, and other information. For example, you can visit this website that has a list of over 2500 references of Autocord serial numbers[^2^]. You can also visit this website that has some information about Minolta SLR cameras[^3^]. You can also try searching online for other websites that offer similar services.

Enter your serial number in the search box or browse through the list of serial numbers until you find yours. Some websites might require you to register or pay a fee to access their databases. Once you find your serial number, you can see what model of Minolta camera you have, when it was produced, what features it has, and other details.

If you want to check your warranty status or register your camera online, you can visit this website from Minolta Digital[^1^]. You will need to enter your model number, serial number, date of purchase, and your name and address. Registering online will help you protect your camera purchase and get warranty servicing if needed.

Using a serial number lookup service can help you learn more about your Minolta camera and its history. You can also use it to verify the authenticity of your camera and avoid buying counterfeit or stolen products. However, keep in mind that some websites might not have complete or accurate information about all Minolta cameras, so you might need to do some additional research or contact Minolta directly if you have any questions or concerns.A Brief History of Minolta Cameras

Minolta was one of the most influential and innovative camera manufacturers in the 20th century. It started as a small company in Japan that imported German lenses and shutters, and grew into a global leader in camera technology and design. Here are some of the highlights of Minolta's history.

Nichidoku period

The company was founded in Osaka in 1928 by Kazuo Tashima, under the name Nichidoku Shashinki ShÅten (meaning Japan-Germany Camera Company). He got support from two German camera technicians, Billy Neumann and Willy Heilemann, who helped him develop his first camera, the Nifcarette, a folding camera that used 127 film. The company also produced other cameras under the Nifca brand, such as the Nifca Klapp, the Nifca Sport, and the Nifca Dollina.

Molta period

In 1931, the company changed its name to Molta GÅshi Kaisha (meaning Mechanism, Optics and Lenses Trading Company), and adopted a new logo that resembled a pentagon with a central M. The company also introduced a new brand name for its cameras: Minolta, an acronym for Mechanism, Instruments, Optics and Lenses by Tashima. The first camera to bear this name was the Minolta Vest, a subminiature camera that used 16mm film. The company also produced other cameras under the Minolta brand, such as the Minolta Six, a folding 6x6 camera, and the Minolta Flex, a twin-lens reflex camera.

From 1937 to 1945

In 19


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