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Joshua Leblanc
Joshua Leblanc

Little Neighbor Girl Pedo Stories

In the 1970s, a quiet suburb in Pennsylvania is shaken by a horrific crime: the brutal murder of a young girl by her neighbor, a man who hides his dark secrets behind a facade of respectability. The victim, Susie Salmon, is only fourteen years old when she is lured into a cornfield and killed. But her story does not end there. She narrates her own tale from a limbo between Heaven and Earth, where she can watch over her grieving family and friends, as well as her killer. She witnesses the impact of her death on her loved ones, who struggle to cope with their loss and find justice. She also sees the lives of other people in her community, some of whom hold clues to her disappearance. As she waits for someone to discover her body and bring her peace, she learns to accept her death and find hope in her new reality.

Little Neighbor Girl Pedo Stories



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