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Find Objects (Android) [REPACK]


Find Objects (Android) [REPACK]

An interesting game up first, June's Journey: Hidden Object is a 1930s-themed murder mystery in which you play the titular June on her journey quest to find the truth about a death in the family. The gameplay hardly needs a tutorial; there's a beautifully detailed picture in front of you with a list of objects you need to find along the bottom of the screen. There is no time limit, in the early levels at least, so you can take your time and enjoy the music that is just sinister enough to fit the theme. There is a mechanic where the faster you find the randomized objects, the more money you make for the game's secondary mechanic, but that is entirely optional. This secondary mechanic is a base building sim not unlike Simcity Buildit, where you spend money accrued in the hidden object gameplay on furnishings and upgrades for a mansion. This is a good entry point for getting your feet wet, simple, and uncomplicated.

Taking the tranquility theme to the next level, Secret Cat Forest is a hidden object game set in an isolated house owned exclusively by cats. Gameplay requires that you gather resources like wood and fish to attract various wild felines to your house with furnishing designed just for them. The game goes into detail about the differences between the cats and what attracts them. The hidden object link is a bit complicated; this gameplay isn't just finding objects hidden in a detailed picture. Fishing has a little mini-game where you must release your finger at the exact right time to get the maximum amount of fish from a fish, and the wood gathering mini-game has more in common with a clicker game. The environment is pretty and calm, and the cats are cute. This is about as peaceful as things get, so it's recommended if you're stressed out.

On the complete opposite side of the tonal spectrum, Hidden objects of Eldritchwood is a mysterious fantasy narrative where the intrigue hinges entirely on your ability to find popcorn and guitars at a carnival. The gameplay is once again made up of finding randomized objects concealed within detailed pictures, with unnecessarily ominous music, before being transferred to a hub map where you select the next puzzle. The production value for this game is almost strangely high, with the first cutscene featuring a reasonably realistic, albeit brief, car-driving sequence that seemed almost out of place. This one is worth checking out simply for the aesthetic design, with satisfactory gameplay included.

If you like mysterious or suspenseful stories, catchy and intense games, or just something casual but never boring, then hidden object games for Android are definitely something you could fill your spare time with. Most often, these games follow a story (usually something to do with mysteries), and you are tasked with finding specific objects in a room packed full of stuff.

Hidden object games are not only great for entertainment though - they will train your brain to look for the tiniest details in the most unexpected places. If you don't trust me, then see for yourself! Below you'll find a list of the best hidden object games for Android which you should definitely play. After passing several stages in some of these titles (especially in June's Journey), your cognitive skill is guaranteed to level up.

Need even more convincing You can play this genre with the entire family! Turn an otherwise difficult level into a Sunday activity, and have every family member pitch in at finding the objects. You'd be surprised how fun it could be. In case you are looking for something that's more intense and less casual, take a peek at the best Android strategy games!

Apart from the typical levels where you have to unveil the hidden objects, players will also be able to fully customize their own '20s mansion and garden to their own liking. June's Journey is definitely a must-try for all the hidden object games aficionados!

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