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The ability to think critically has become a crucial part of professional practice and education. SimCity, a popular computer simulation game, provides an opportunity to practice community assessment and interventions using a systems approach. SimCity is an interactive computer simulation game in which the player takes an active part in community planning. SimCity is supported on either a Windows 95/98 or a Macintosh platform and is available on CD-ROM at retail stores or at Students complete a tutorial and then apply a selected scenario in SimCity. Scenarios consist of hypothetical communities that have varying types and degrees of environmental problems, e.g., traffic, crime, nuclear meltdown, flooding, fire, and earthquakes. In problem solving with the simulated scenarios, students (a) identify systems and subsystems within the community that are critical factors impacting the environmental health of the community, (b) create changes in the systems and subsystems in an effort to solve the environmental health problem, and (c) evaluate the effectiveness of interventions based on the game score, demographic and fiscal data, and amount of community support. Because the consequences of planned intervention are part of the simulation, nursing students are able to develop critical-thinking skills. The simulation provides essential content in community planning in an interesting and interactive format. 59ce067264


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