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How To Install And Play The AOE3: The WarChiefs Mod By AVeRAnTeD |WORK|

AOE3: The WarChiefs - A Full-RiP Mod with Enhanced Graphics and Gameplay

If you are a fan of Age of Empires III, you might want to check out this amazing mod by AVeRAnTeD. AOE3: The WarChiefs is a full-rip mod that adds new units, buildings, maps, sounds, music and civilizations to the game. It also improves the graphics and gameplay of the original game, making it more realistic and immersive.

How to Install and Play the AOE3: The WarChiefs Mod by AVeRAnTeD


AOE3: The WarChiefs is based on the first expansion pack for Age of Empires III, which was released in 2006. The expansion pack introduced three new playable native American civilizations: the Iroquois, the Sioux and the Aztecs. It also added new features such as the WarChief unit, the Fire Pit, the Trade Monopoly victory condition and the Revolution option.

The mod by AVeRAnTeD enhances the expansion pack by adding more content and variety to the game. For example, it adds new European civilizations such as France, Spain and Portugal, as well as new native American civilizations such as the Inca, the Maya and the Tupi. It also adds new units such as the Hussar, the Dragoon and the Cuirassier for the Europeans, and the Jaguar Warrior, the Eagle Warrior and the Slinger for the native Americans. It also adds new buildings such as the Fort, the Outpost and the Dock for the Europeans, and the Nobles Hut, the War Hut and the Farm for the native Americans.

The mod also improves the graphics and gameplay of the game by using high-quality textures, models and animations. It also tweaks the balance and mechanics of the game to make it more challenging and fun. For example, it increases the population limit, reduces the cost of units and buildings, modifies the tech tree and upgrades, and adds new abilities and bonuses for each civilization.

AOE3: The WarChiefs is a full-rip mod that does not require any installation or patching. You just need to download it from AVeRAnTeDs website or torrent link, extract it to your desired location and run it from there. You can play it offline or online with other players who have the same mod.

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy Age of Empires III, you should definitely give AOE3: The WarChiefs a try. It is one of the most anticipated mods for Age of Empires III in the whole world. It will surely give you hours of fun and excitement with its enhanced graphics and gameplay.

How to Play the New Native American Civilizations

The new native American civilizations have some unique features and mechanics that make them different from the European ones. Here are some tips on how to play them effectively:

  • The native Americans do not have a Home City, but instead they have a Fire Pit. The Fire Pit allows them to perform dances that grant various bonuses, such as increasing the attack or speed of units, generating resources or experience, or summoning powerful units. The more villagers are assigned to the Fire Pit, the faster the dance effect is applied. However, this also means that fewer villagers are available for gathering resources, so it is a trade-off that must be balanced carefully.

  • The native Americans do not have regular barracks or stables, but instead they have War Huts and Corrals. War Huts can train infantry and artillery units, while Corrals can train cavalry and siege units. Both buildings can also act as defensive structures, as they can garrison units and fire at enemies. War Huts and Corrals can be built anywhere on the map, as long as there is enough space and line of sight. This allows the native Americans to expand their territory and pressure their opponents more easily.

  • The native Americans do not have regular houses or mills, but instead they have Longhouses and Farms. Longhouses provide population space and can also generate resources over time, depending on the type of resource crate that is placed inside them. Farms can produce food and wood simultaneously, but they require more villagers to work on them than regular mills. Longhouses and Farms can also be upgraded with various technologies that improve their efficiency and output.

  • The native Americans have access to a unique unit type called the WarChief. The WarChief is a powerful hero unit that can boost the combat abilities of nearby units, convert treasure guardians, collect treasures faster, and use special abilities depending on the civilization. The WarChief can also be revived at the Town Center if he dies in battle. The WarChief is a valuable asset for any native American army, so it is important to keep him alive and use him wisely.

How to Play Against the New Native American Civilizations

The new native American civilizations can pose a serious threat to the European ones if they are not dealt with properly. Here are some tips on how to counter them effectively:

  • The native Americans rely heavily on their Fire Pit dances to gain an edge in battle. Therefore, it is a good idea to scout their base and locate their Fire Pit as soon as possible. Then, try to harass or destroy their Fire Pit with raids or artillery fire, as this will disrupt their dance effects and weaken their army.

  • The native Americans can build War Huts and Corrals anywhere on the map, which gives them a lot of map control and mobility. Therefore, it is important to scout the map regularly and locate their forward bases. Then, try to prevent them from building too many War Huts and Corrals by attacking them with cavalry or siege units, as this will limit their production and expansion.

  • The native Americans have strong infantry and cavalry units, but they lack effective artillery and naval units. Therefore, it is advisable to use artillery and naval units against them, as they will have a hard time dealing with them. Artillery units can outrange and outdamage their War Huts and Corrals, while naval units can dominate the water and cut off their trade routes.

  • The native Americans have a powerful hero unit called the WarChief, who can boost their army and use special abilities. Therefore, it is essential to identify and target their WarChief in battle, as this will reduce their combat effectiveness and morale. Use ranged or stealth units to snipe their WarChief from a distance, or use cavalry or siege units to charge at him and take him out quickly.



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