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Samuel Nelson

How to Create Amazing Guitar Tones and Sounds with AcmeBarGig Guitar FX VST Plugin Collection

This is another example of combining several VST plugins into one control interface. While I am not a big fan of many of the amp VSTs in the collection, this one sounds absolutely beautiful. The Classic Bass VST has a huge range of tone options, making it perfect for any genre, and is totally usable even by the beginner. Add to this an easy interface, a quick control sequence and you have a winner!

FULL AcmeBarGig Guitar FX VST Plugin Collection

A modern-sounding amp that takes advantage of tube overdrive circuitry, London Tube amp is an extremely popular sound that isnt limited to only amp modeling, but also available as a standalone plug-in. The sound is great with a variety of guitar sounds, and the amp behaves very well with delays, reverb, and choruses. We hope you enjoy it!

The Baxandall Vst has the tone you hear in your head when you listen to early 90s guitar rock. With its mid and high gain circuits the Baxandall feels like a full blown guitar amplifier! This guitar VST may be one of the most powerful amp VST plugins on the market. This is one of those plug-ins that just makes you start playing rock guitar again.

Here it is! VSTii is a modern tube style amp that can be used for many genres, including Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Reggae, etc. AcmeBarGig have added several features that make it even more usable than its predecessors, such as onboard effects. The new format also removes the need to use plugins like the Sounddogs amp VST. It emulates the sound of a vintage tube guitar amplifier, based on the sound of the Univox. We love it!

Ampania Tube VST is a free 30-day trial of a full amp modeling amp, which we'd advise you check out first to get a feel for what the product sounds like and what it can do for you. Its unique point of view allows you to get a feel for how the tones are developing, and also to feel how the product is changing as you play with it. The main advantage is that it can deliver up to a 16-fold increase in detail, as compared to standard VST amp modeling plugins.


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