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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.52.3053 Free Download

ProShow Gold provides everything you need to create amazing slideshows. The DVD slideshows feature allows you to put together a professional product which you can share with friends and family. The software supports multimedia editing features and the slideshow can be exported in over 80 different files. You can also add professionally looking titles to your slide shows and use a variety of fonts and colors.

Photodex ProShow Gold 4.52.3053 free download

A key feature of ProShow Gold is the DVD slideshows which allows you to create professional photo presentations which can be viewed on a DVD player. The DVD slideshows are great for family reunions and special events because they provide stability and strong visual appeal. Create slide shows on PC and then burn them to a DVD for enjoyment in a DVD player. Some of the items in the DVD slideshows are: Text, hyperlinks, logos, music, sound effects, and transitions.

Once you've created a slideshow on DVD or downloaded to your PC, you can do simple things like quickly add captions or have the program automatically add chapter titles to your presentations. With CD-based versions, you can quickly burn and distribute your slideshows. You can also save an unlimited amount of your slideshows with the software. The program allows you to create slide shows with an unlimited number of slides. A number of plug-ins also are included so you can add special effects and transitions to your presentations. The plug-ins include a text pop-up that shows the language of the text in the slide, an impressive visual slide gopper, hyperlinks, logos, and animations.


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