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Glacier 3 The Meltdown Game __LINK__

Glacier 3: The Meltdown is an action racing video game developed by Funbox Media Ltd and published by KISS ltd. Glacier 3 The Meltdown was released via steam on September 6, 2010 for Windows. The game is a ported version from Nintendo Wii to PC and looks like that!

Glacier 3 The Meltdown Game

Founded in 2001 with a different name, the creative team developed several games. Then, in 2003, the founders decided to change the name to Team6 Game Studios B.V. The company currently employs approximately 40 workers and is headed by Director Ronnie Nelis.

Team6 Game Studios was founded by Ronnie Nelis in 2001. Ronnie Nelis's first project was a fighting game called Death Compatible, developed for a contest of the game magazine PC Zone.[4] Nelis won the first prize in the contest and as a prize; the game would be released, however, the publisher who would do so closed its doors shortly after.[5] Despite this setback, Nells founded Team6 Game Studios V.O.F., and found a new partner to release their first official title: Taxi Challenge Berlin.[6] In the years after, they specialized in racing games and created many titles over the years. For several of their titles they worked together with car brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, and Opel.

Most of their games were developed for PC, but starting in 2009 they also developed several titles for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.[7][8][9] The studios' own Engine Six was one of the first engines that supported Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.[10]

Since 2012, the studio has been the official developer for the Monster Jam games for publisher Game Mill and IP holder Feld Motorsports, who wanted to take the franchise more kids-friendly instead of hardcore simulation.

In 2012, the studio developed the world's first official squash video game simulation in collaboration with the World Squash Federation.[11] The studio also developed a second squash game in 2015 which was officially licensed by the Professional Squash Association.[12][13]

In 2013, Team6 created FlatOut Stuntman in collaboration with Nvidia. The Android game was used as a showcase for Nvidia as it supported specific features of the Tegra mobile processor.[14][15] FlatOut Stuntman received an average score of 4.1 out 5, based on over 25,000 votes on Google Play.

In 2014 Team6 partnered up with the health and wellness startup Blue Goji. Together they create interactive fitness games made to play while working out on cardio equipment. Their first title was the iOS game Super Sonic Racers.[17]

Kalluk and his people will just have to adjust, but the polar bears may not be able to. A recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) predicts that shrinking sea ice will mean a two-thirds reduction in their population by midcentury. Not even strict adherence to the Kyoto accord on limiting greenhouse gases would stop an Arctic meltdown, which means the Arctic, like nowhere else on Earth, is a place where efforts to mitigate global warming have yielded to full-bore adaptation to its impact. That process is freighted with irony. With gas and oil prices near historic highs and with scant prospect of any decrease in world demand for energy, it is only prudent to get a sense of what resources lie below the newly accessible sea. But there is something paradoxical about seeking in the Arctic the very carbon fuels that are melting the northern ice. "The rush to exploit Arctic resources can only perpetuate the vicious cycle of human-induced climate change," says Mike Townsley of Greenpeace International.

We still have the antics of the toothy squirrel-cum-rat called Scrat who is always after that elusive acorn. Scrat observes the first danger signal of global change. As usual he is after his acorn for which he has to climb a mountain face. The squirrel climbs a vertical ice wall with his claws, almost falls, is saved when his tongue freezes to the ice, and then has to pull himself up by its own tongue, paw over paw. That's when a jet of water washes him out in eensy-weensy spider style. Yep, the glacier is melting.

#10: Nokia 6310i: Switch back to the days when people used to buy phones to use it as a phone; and still today there are plenty of people among us, who rely on solid performance of cell phones; and that's why Nokia still manufactures this 4 year old gem. Its looks and performs like an 80's muscle car. It comes with Bluetooth, IrDA, GPRS, 500 (x3 numbers) entries, Timed Profiles, 150 SMS Storage etc. But what makes it a must have is it's extremely powerful Tri Band Antenna which gives you the best signal reception barely available even in the latest phones and an ultra slim Li-Ion 1050mAh battery, which has a stunning record breaking standby time of 17 days. The phone is purely meant for professionals seeking features related to a phone and staying linked to everyone no matter which part of the country or planet they travel to. The phone is very rare and uncommon, but sold widely abroad. It's still priced at around Tk 10,000: which is seems a bit high for a Black & White screen phone but regarding its reception and in-call performance, the price is still justified. You really can't play games, use multimedia, watch video, or control your microwave oven with it you do what you were supposed to do with a proper phone: talk without worries.

#04: Nokia 8910/8910i: There are some objects in this world which set a class of their own. The highly durable titanium made Nokia 8910/8910i is such a phone which is a legend itself. Undoubtedly the best looking phone ever designed is a sign of elegance and pure passion. The phone is still rare in our crowd which gives a pride in carrying this phone. But, looks are not all that matters even in reception quality and in call performance it equips itself with the best in class. The phone uses same receiver performance as found in the Nokia 6310i. Camera, games, multimedia these are excluded to make this phone exclusive for people with choice and attitude who wants to stand out form the crowd, and carry gadgets that defines the pinnacle in rank.

Such high-speed computers are necessary for simulating experiments that are difficult to conduct or take too much time in real life. Researchers hope to use the computer to develop new drugs, to simulate the formation of galaxies and to predict the paths of typhoons and intense rainfall. The United States is also planning to create a supercomputer of petaflop ability by 2010. A petaflop is equal to 1,000 teraflops. Now if only we could use these to play online games. Sigh!

McKIBBEN: In the mid-18th century, Thoreau made a list of all the animals that had once lived in and around his Concord, Massachusetts home but were no longer to be found there. The wolf, the turkey, the beaver, the bear, the deer, the porcupine, the moose. Save for the wolf, they've all returned. Deer in record numbers to browse on suburban shrubbery, wild turkey flocking back toward the scene of the first Thanksgiving, beaver busy creating new wetlands. Several years ago, state game officials shot a moose that had taken up residence on the median strip of nearby Route 128, America's Technology Highway. They donated the carcass to a Salvation Army soup kitchen.

All it means is that in those few places where human beings have backed off, nature retains some small measure of resilience. In the mountain east, where farming moved west a century ago and the forest began a slow recovery, even the cougar may be returning to the woods. Where game laws and endangered species acts have ended poaching in protected habitat, and where toxic pollution has abated to levels that allow reproduction, animals have responded. 350c69d7ab


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