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Autocom Serial Changer

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Autocom Serial Changer


This is a free utility that is used for editing the registry to ensure the serial number descriptor of each FTDI device is ignored during driver installation. This feature ensures any FTDI device connected to a USB port is given the same COM port number.

FTD2XXST is an EEPROM serialiser and testing utility for FT232 and FT245 devices. FTD2XXST is based on our D2XX drivers and will work on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP platforms. The latest release supports the extra features of the FT232BM and FT245BM devices as well as the AM series devices.

TURN OFF your internet connection!1- SETUP software ( start.exe ),- write product id ( for cars + : a-710-142 ) , ( for trucks +: a-710-210 )- Write the S/N and Hardware KeyCars + : serial number; 100251, HW key; EYGRNVNMRBAOTrucks + : serial number; 100251, HW key; VTLOAGIDAIWF- contine- will open to Software activation page

Duration of hardware warranty: As long as the user has one of the following valid licenses and has been fulfilled: Cars or Trucks user license. The user license is associated with one specific tester with a unique serial number and is registered in the Autocom license database. All warranty claims are checked and compared against the database.


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