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With Amazon being one of the largest tech-entrepreneurial and e-commerce giants worldwide, the hiring process is typically very strict. While this is no secret to applicants, who would aspire to work with the enterprise, what needs to be noted is the critical dimension that comes with the background check—determining a candidate's suitability for employment. This article ( delves into what Amazon seeks in a background check and offers insights into how to prepare effectively and increase the chances for success in the interviewing process.

Amazon's Strict Standards:

Amazon focuses on security, safety, and honesty in its workforce, reflecting its commitment to providing a positive and safe environment for its employees and customers. Consequently, the company carries out thorough background checks on all the candidates under consideration in order to identify who meets its standards and is an extension of the values the company embraces.

Criminal History:

Investigating criminal history is a core aspect of Amazon's review of background check results. This includes making searches in any past convictions or pending charges. However, Amazon evaluates every case individually and considers factors like nature and severity of the offense; certain convictions may disqualify candidates from employment, particularly those relating to violence, theft, or dishonesty.

Drug Screening:

Drug screening is routinely part of Amazon's screening process during the hiring process for positions posing hazards of operations, such as heavy machinery, positions requiring contact of the public, and jobs, wherein accident or impairment would make the job hazardous to others. In such cases, then, candidates are required to undergo either urine or saliva screening to test for drugs. A clear drug screening result would be required to progress further into the hiring process.

Identity Verification:

The accurate conveyance of applicant information is an important matter for Amazon, bearing in mind the sensitive nature of its operations and the necessity to maintain a safe workforce. As part of the background check, Amazon confirms the identity of applicants to ensure legal eligibility for employment, which includes validating their Social Security numbers, driver's licenses, or other forms of identification.

Employment History and References:

Another aspect under inspection with Amazon is the employment history of the candidates and probable cross-checks with previous employers or references with respect to their work experience, skills, and qualifications. It is extremely important that in filling out applications or writing resumes, an applicant should provide concise and up-to-date information.

Credit History (for Certain Roles):

In some instances, Amazon may investigate the credit history of a candidate, depending on his position in the firm and that of the person working with him. In instances where financial competency and exposure to sensitive information exist for such positions, a poor credit history by itself does not effectively eliminate an applicant but can be taken into account to evaluate his suitability for certain roles.

Transparency and Accuracy:

Amazon is the priority given to transparency and accuracy during background checks, so candidates should be able to know exactly what information is being investigated and given an opportunity to explain any gaps or aberrations in the past. Transparency and good integrity could allow a smooth checking process and could make the hiring manager more positive towards the candidate.


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