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Chill Bump - Ego Trip (2014).rar

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Chill Bump - Ego Trip (2014).rar

Chill Bump - Ego Trip (2014): A Hip Hop Masterpiece

If you are looking for a hip hop album that will blow your mind with its originality, creativity and skill, look no further than Chill Bump - Ego Trip (2014). This album is the debut full-length release by the French duo Chill Bump, composed of rapper Miscellaneous and producer Bankal. It features 11 tracks of pure fire, blending rap, electro, jazz and rock influences.

In this article, we will review the album and tell you why you should download it right now. We will also provide you with a link to download the album in .rar format, so you can enjoy it on any device.

What is Chill Bump - Ego Trip (2014) about

The album title Ego Trip refers to the journey of self-discovery and self-expression that Chill Bump undertakes through their music. The album explores various themes such as identity, ambition, success, failure, love, hate, society and politics. The lyrics are witty, clever and sometimes sarcastic, but always honest and authentic. The album also showcases Chill Bump's versatility and diversity, as they switch from fast-paced bangers to smooth grooves, from English to French, from serious topics to humorous ones.

The album opens with Alpha, a short intro that sets the tone for the rest of the album. It features a sample of a speech by Malcolm X, followed by a powerful verse by Miscellaneous that introduces himself and his partner Bankal. The track ends with a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase "We are Chill Bump".

The next track is The Memo, one of the most popular songs on the album. It is a hard-hitting anthem that showcases Chill Bump's confidence and skills. The beat is energetic and infectious, with a heavy bass and a horn section. The lyrics are full of punchlines and metaphors that display Chill Bump's rap prowess. The chorus is catchy and memorable, with Miscellaneous declaring "We don't need no memo to know we're dope".

The third track is I Get the Job Done, a smooth and funky tune that pays homage to the classic hip hop song by Big Daddy Kane. The beat is groovy and jazzy, with a guitar riff and a saxophone solo. The lyrics are humorous and playful, as Chill Bump brag about their abilities in various fields, from music to sports to sex. The chorus is catchy and fun, with Miscellaneous repeating "I get the job done" in different languages.

The fourth track is Not Today, a dark and gritty song that deals with the struggles of life and the challenges of pursuing one's dreams. The beat is ominous and heavy, with a distorted guitar and a piano melody. The lyrics are introspective and realistic, as Chill Bump reflect on their failures, doubts and fears. The chorus is simple but effective, with Miscellaneous saying "Not today" to all the obstacles that stand in his way.

The fifth track is One Way Ticket, a soulful and melancholic song that expresses Chill Bump's desire to escape from their problems and travel around the world. The beat is mellow and atmospheric, with a guitar loop and a vocal sample. The lyrics are poetic and emotional, as Chill Bump describe their fantasies of visiting different places and meeting different people. The chorus is catchy and sad, with Miscellaneous singing "I need a one way ticket out of here".

The sixth track is Beat Goes On, a upbeat and optimistic song that celebrates life and music. The beat is lively and cheerful, with a piano chord progression and a trumpet solo. The lyrics are positive and inspirational, as Chill Bump encourage themselves and their listeners to keep going despite the hardships. The chorus is catchy and uplifting, with Miscellaneous chanting "The beat goes on" in different languages.

The seventh track is 01.01, a short interlude that marks the transition from the first half of the album to the second half. It features a sample of a countdown followed by fireworks, symbolizing the start 248dff8e21


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