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Road Rules Book In Sri Lanka Pdf 160


sri lankas electricity supply is at least partially regulated. connections are not compulsory, but most electricity suppliers have power plugs available for customers. additionally, most hotels have connections for guests. additionally, in many parts of the country the supply of electricity can be interrupted if the power grid is disrupted by a storm. when the power goes, its usual to automatically switch to backup generators, which usually run on diesel or petrol, and thus are not as environmentally friendly as electricity. many hotels have generators on site which they can provide to guests for a small additional charge.

also worth bearing in mind is that whilst driving, it is extremely important to stick to the appropriate times of day to drive. the roads are filled with the huge lorries that haul the countrys produce, and are not meant for vehicles with a motor. if you are stuck in one of these, its possible to get stuck in a lorry for hours and hours, and youll definitely need to have some patience. the best times for driving in sri lanka are before and after breakfast, lunch and supper. after breakfast and lunch, youll find the roads are very busy, with huge lorries and buses negotiating the main roads. however, after supper, youll find the roads empty. in addition, the main roads are all toll roads, so youll find that it is cheaper to travel in the morning or evening. in fact, you can travel from colombo to kandy in the morning for around 400l, and the same trip in the afternoon will set you back around 800l.

while it is true that sri lankan roads arent the best, the countrys driving conditions are still a whole lot better than those of india, where you would need to get used to being overtaken by cars with trailers and huge lorries hauling huge loads of heavy cargo, even if you wanted to go as fast as possible. for example, on the flight out of delhi in early september, we were overtaken every couple of minutes by cars going at around 70mph. thankfully, the roads in sri lanka are far better than that, and the traffic wont be too bad, especially compared to india. 3d9ccd7d82


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