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George Ivanov
George Ivanov

Nat King Cole - Discography (60CD) 1936-2010 MP3

the first release of this discography was made in 2011 for the band rippingtons, and was later included in the band's own discography. there is also an online cover of the album, which i put in a sidecar file. here's the page with the info:

Nat King Cole - Discography (60CD) 1936-2010 MP3


the rippingtons are a san diego based band, which i have only recently come to appreciate. i'm sure that these guys have a lot of friends, fans, and a large following. nonetheless, i'm taking a closer look at their discography. i was especially interested in a song on their last record, recorded live at the roxy. on a cursory listen, it appeared that that album was a collection of live covers, and that was true. but in fact, the only actual song recorded live was this one: >

our subject was born in birmingham, alabama on january 21, 1917. his family moved to los angeles when he was four years old. he was the youngest of three boys and one girl. his older brother, nat jr., and older sister, shirley, were both in show business, they toured with their parents in the theater. but as far as nat was concerned, he was always the one with the piano in the house. he was very close with his uncle adelphia, and would spend hours talking to him about music and life. he was a child of the blues, he loved music from the 1920's and 1930's, and wanted to make music that sounded like that. he also loved the music of the period, like jazz, bebop and swing. he would listen to jazz music on the radio and dance around the house. as a teenager, he would spend hours listening to jazz on the radio, he would go to clubs and listen to bands in person. he would also go to his first rock and roll dance, the betty mills club, where his first band would play in the 1930's. youtube - nat jr.


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