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walpZoffoopyiptyday[Genomic and expression analysis of three genes relating to in vitro transcribed mRNA degradation]. To investigate the concerns of mammalian dissection, three genes [ADN, ErbB and β-actin (ActB)] with possible relevance to mammalian dissection were selected for quantitative PCR analysis in in vitro transcribed RNA at different time points, using the real-time comparative CT method and Beta actin as reference gene. The results showed that the fluctuation of ADN, ErbB and ActB was less than the flucutation of Beta-actin and, the former two genes have obviously stable expression level. Therefore, the gene ADN, ErbB and ActB are appropriate for in vitro transcribed RNA dissection.A new syndrome of trismus, macrocephaly and severe facial dysmorphism: Trisomy C syndrome. We describe a 12-year-old boy with a distinct facial appearance and severe mental retardation who had trismus, macrocephaly and a dysmorphic appearance which substantially differed from those seen in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV. Based on cytogenetic analysis, molecular hybridization studies, and the condition of the child's parents, he was born of consanguineous Syrian parents, and his father had a brother with the same facial appearance. This report shows the existence of a new autosomal recessive syndrome of trismus, macrocephaly and severe facial dysmorphism.The invention is based on an injector according to the preamble of claim 1. An injector of this type is known from DE 103 51 925 A1. This device comprises a large number of components that have to be assembled very carefully. The injector has a relatively large overall volume that must be accommodated in the handle, which in the injector known from DE 103 51 925 A1 is located in the lower region of the front side of the handle when in use. An object on which the present invention is based is to reduce the axial length of an injector of the generic type. d2c66b5586


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