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Learn In Your Car French: The Complete Language Course [With GuidebookWith CD Wallet] (French Editio

2 The Learn in Your Car language series is the first system ever designed to teach a language in your car...or anywhere...without a textbook. Simple and effective, you can learn to converse in another language while driving, walking, or doing tasks around the house. And now with Learn in Your Car from audible.comã Â, you can turn your PC, your Rio, or any mobile device into your own personal language tutor.each course is organized the way you learn best - by learning words and phrases - and building these into sentences and clear conversations. Arrange hotel accommodations, order in restaurants, change money, and feel more at home next time you travel!the Learn in Your Car language series is:easy to use without a textbookprepared by dialect-free professionalsavailable in levels for students of all abilitiesdesigned to teach grammar basics through recorded exampleslevel 1 offers an introduction to key words, numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and basic grammar.level 2 teaches more challenging vocabulary, additional grammar, and targeted sentences designed to generate confidence in your ability to comprehend and converse.level 3 presents expanded vocabulary, advanced grammar, and more detailed sentences to extend your conversational skills. Audible Audio Edition Listening Length: 2 hoursâ andâ 57 minutes Program Type: Audiobook Version: Unabridged Publisher: Penton Overseas, Inc. Release Date: January 3, 2012 Language: English ASIN: B006T0GHEI Best Sellers Rank: #29 inâ Books > Audible Audiobooks > Language Instruction > French these CDs work pretty well for commute time (I have 2 hrs each day). the small booklet is helpful for simple grammar tips, and also for pronunciation guides. another nice feature is that a genuine French woman is pronouncing the French words, rather than an american -- this helps with developing a more authentic accent. It may help to have some other experience with a foreign language to learn with these CDs. I will be ordering the second set of CDs in this series.

Learn in Your Car French: The Complete Language Course [With GuidebookWith CD Wallet] (French Editio

3 I bought the tapes in preparation for a visit to France. Being a slow learner, it took my a few weeks to get the hang of it, but the lessons are just about the right length, and very well organized. When I arrived in the country I was surprised to find that people not only understood what I was saying, but took me for a native and responded as if I knew the language well! The most important lesson is how to tell someone to please speak slowly!i would buy the cd version, if I were to do it again, since searching for lessons and repeating them over and over on tape is not very convenient.the only complaint I had with the content of the tapes was that there wasn't enough material on 'chit chat'. I learned how to get along in hotels, cafes, and shops--in fact I was able to obtain a discount in a store without using any english--but found it hard to carry on a simple the way, my experience with the French people was that when I made an honest attempt at their language, they were very friendly and helpful.overall, these tapes made my experience much more enjoyable. I highly recommend them. I 've purchased three different "Learn French On Tape" sets in the last few years, and "Learn In Your Car" is by far the best. I've just started taking "real", in-person lessons at Berlitz, so I've been able to put these to the test-and they've given me a great head start. Humble though the level one tapes are, their virtue is that they are VERY simple, and believe it or not, the french DOES sink in, a little at a time, as you're driving around or on your daily commute. The thing about language tapes or CDs, of course, is that you take quite a chance when you buy them-you can't know if they'll be any good until they're unreturnable! Hence my review-and my heartiest recommendation to try this particular series. Bon chance! I like this audiobook. I have tried Language Dynamic tapes and Living Language tapes. This is by far the best. The audio quality is good, and you can learn some French after listening to it repeatedly. However, I am a slow learner of language. I found that the tape teaches too fast, and the pause between phrases is too short for you to repeat. The pronounciation is too quick. However considering its price, it is the best buy.if you have lots of money, I strongly recommend Pimsleur tapes. IT IS THE BEST TAPES I HAVE EVER USED. EXTREMELY USER-FRIENDLY, MAKING ANYONE, INCLUDING LANGUAGE IDIOT, TO LEARN A LANGUAGE PAINLESSLY. I had just finished Pimsleur's Quick and Simple French for English Speakers, and was quite enthralled with my progress in that program. I bought this hoping to pick up some additional French without having to invest in the full Pimsleur program. Instead, I learned that there is NO substitute

4 for Pimsleur!I could forgive the high-pitch Frenchwoman's voice that other reviews complain of. The problem is that there is no TEACHING-- all this thing does is throw French words and phrases at you. There is nothing in the way of memory aids, repetition, reinforcement, or conversation. There is no explanation of grammar. In the "adjectives" section, for example (yes, there is an entire section that lists out adjectives with no other context whatsoever), the woman says the adjectives two different ways, presumably the masculine and feminine forms, with no explanation of why there are two forms and which is which. As another reviewer put it, this is really just someone reading you a dictionary!i will henceforth confine myself to Pimsleur. It's expensive, but what is the point of spending even a small amount of money for something useless? Try the Quick and Simple if you want a taste of the method, but believe me you will want more! carries the Comprehensive program, and has links to other sites that not only sell the Comprehensive Program at a discount, but will also buy back your set when you're ready for the next level. I have had a few years of French in High School and a semester in college, and it is amazing how quickly you can loose a language if you do not use it. I had purchased this complete set (level 1-3) to supplement the Living Language's Ultimate French to get more practice on pronunciation and some CDs that can be taken on the go. I have found that these CDs work well in some ways, but have some flaws.these CDs are great for adding some new vocabulary to your language base. Some grammar is covered, but you will definitely need an additional resource to truly get a better understanding of the grammar mentioned, there are a few flaws that are somewhat annoying:1. The sound is set up so that the spoken English comes from one speaker and the spoken French comes from the other speaker. This is fine if you are listening on a regular stereo, but is difficult if you are trying to listen to it using headphones. Also, the volume is not balanced very well between the two speakers.2. French speaking woman has a rather high pitched voice and can sound a little "sing-songy". She also seems to add a few extra syllables to some of the phrases. For example, when she is pronouncing "une carte de credit" (credit card), she pronounces the 'e' in 'une' ("oon-eh carte de credit"). To the best of my knowledge, this should not be pronounced. Learn French Step by Step: French Language Practical Guide for Beginners (Learn French, Learn Spanish, Learn Italian, Learn German) French Level One (Learn in Your Car) (French Edition) Learn Spanish Step by Step: Spanish Language Practical Guide for Beginners (Learn Spanish, Learn German, Learn French, Learn Italian) Car insurance book: A Complete Guide to Car insurance (Auto insurance book, Understanding your car insurance) 10 Bed-Time Stories in French and 350c69d7ab


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