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Since the PCPM with superhydrophobic feature can effectively repel water, it can further function as a flexible tool for water rescue. The strong repulsive force can dominantly drive the underwater smart umbrella to rapidly float on water surface. As shown in Fig. 7a, the smart umbrella shows a mirror-like phenomenon beneath water, which indirectly reflects its good superhydrophobic feature. When the smart umbrella was put into water, it could move onto surface quickly and float steadily on the water. In order to further explore the rapid floating mechanism of the smart umbrella, we carefully analysed the generated forces on umbrella. As depicted in Fig. 7b, the smart umbrella is subjected to four forces, namely the gravity of the umbrella model (G), resistance (Ff), hydrophobicity (Fhydrophobic) and upward buoyancy (Ffloat). There is a certain relationship between the motion acceleration (a) of the smart umbrella and the forces as shown in Eq. (5):

Float Like a Butterfly movie mp4 download


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