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Metropolitan Templates Element 3d EXCLUSIVE

The 10 Free city After Effects templates included with our new model pack METROPOLITAN are now available on the product download page along with a tutorial for customizing them and optimizing render quality. Just log-in above to your account if you already purchased the pack!

metropolitan templates element 3d

Hi, just downloaded the Metropolitan pack,What I got was some 3D models with the textures looking at the Andrew Kramer tutorial there seems to be a lot more to this than just 3D models and textures.what he gets is 10 city templates, over 100 3d buildings , 30Graphic buildings 30 Metro 156 and Metro antennas. I don't have all of this the question is apart from the models and textures is this all that is available for use in Hitfilm.Simon Jones is the only person I know who has downloaded the pack and I was wondering how he got on with it. I know it's for use with Elements, but I thought there would be more of it that can be used in hitfilm.

There you will find the all popular formats ie *.OBJ, *.C4d.*.FBX and *.Max ,along with the "tex" texture directory. All the details that are shown in the Andrew Kramer presentations are there. However, as we all mentioned without Elements the operation are done individually. Same results just it may take a bit more time. As I also mentioned in the preceding post, the Environmental maps etc are in the other download related to AE templates.

Hi Bob, thanks for the answer.all I have from the metropolitan pack is 119 models and the textures. On Kramers tutorial I see he has options for ...Graphic buildings 30 and Metro_No_Antennas 115. When I go to what I have downloaded all that's there are 2files...MACOSX and Metropolitan_3D_Formats

I am actually a little surprised we haven't got a video copilot element 3d hitfilm plugin. I know hitfilm works with 3d models, but getting something that gives you a the element 3d level of control would be a worthy addition.

Massive City Logo , I create this template with to bring high details animation to after effect 3d element , and to make it easy to use for everyone , this template require element 3d v2 plugin and VC Metropolitan pack is required!

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