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I Want To See My Brother Naked

I'm 19 years old. About 2-3 weeks ago my older brother who is 23 approached me and asked if I would be comfortable with him seeing me naked. I didn't understand at first but once he explained it made sense. I agreed as long as he got completely naked too. He admires my body. I admire his. Nothing's ever happened between us, nobody's ever crossed the line. Is it normal that we do this at our age? And is it going to lead to other stuff?

i want to see my brother naked

If he's an artist is perfectly normal XD and you don't have to fell embarassed about being naked that is the way you born no need to be worried about little kids have pure minds and if weren't cold or adults they would stay that way the rest of their lives look at Tarzan LOL

I walked in on my younger brother masturbating once. It was really embarrassing for us both. It was a couple of weeks before things felt normal between us again.That night I masturbated while thinking about seeing him rubbing himself . . . I still get turned on thinking about it and often fantasize next time he'll walk in on me and start jerking off while he watches me play with my pussy.

When me and my sister was younger, we got naked and held each other because we seen our parents in the bed together, we never did anything and we were only about 5 - 8 years old or so, somewhere between that, my sister is 1 year and 4 month younger than me. when our parents caught us one day they asked what we were doing, I remember telling them we were holding each other like they did to each other, of course we shown them what we ment and all they could do was laugh about it. im 23 now and I understand why they laughed, luckly for me and my sister we did not see what was UNDER the covers lol

You shouldn't fear becoming sexually involved with your brother. My brother and I have been having sex for years, and next month I graduate from college and will move in with him. It's so great not having to worry about condoms and getting to know the other person and all that crap. All I have to think about is him on top of me and his big cock inside of me filling me with sperm every single day.

My older brother and I did some stuff when we were in our early twenties. We got stuck together on a family trip for 3 weeks, our parents are really strict and didn't let us do anything, we couldn't go out, we couldn't meet other people, just family. Well one night our parents were gone for awhile and him and I managed to get a bottle. We drank and started bitching to each other about our "fortune" with getting ass at the beach. Then we started talking about sexual things in general. Stuff happened, we never had sex or anything though. I did feel a little ashamed at first, but once we talked about it it made me feel better. We basically just cared for each other, in a really weird way. It was never brought up again. We hooked up 2 or 3 more times after that, again never went as far as intercourse, and we had to be both drunk. Our parents never found out either. I lived with my older brother for about a month, we never did anything sexual anymore, nothing was ever even suggested. So not all brothers are trying to get into their sister's pants, they are trying to protect. We actually became even more closer. He taught and been teaching me a lot of stuff about Psychology and Sociology.

As far as effect on me. I kind of regret it and I don't at the same time. I regret it because it was wrong and I should have overcame my sexual urges. I regret it because every time I see my brother all the events of our vacation flash by in front of me. I regret it because it took me 2 months to stop thinking about it every time I became intimate with other people. I don't regret it, because it was just physical stuff, we are not in an emotional attachment, and I had a very good time. Also because it showed me how much my brother cares about me. It helped me formulate even a stronger relationship with my boyfriend in college and I grew closer to my brother.

That is very interesting! I am glad you shared it. Lots of brothers and sisters have done something sexual together at some time or other, and it surprises me how often alcohol has played a part. My wife was VERY sexual with three of her brothers from a fairly early age, but they never used alcohol, being a churchy Christian family. Of course, they were having intercourse, and quite a lot of it too, at least Onanism (pulling out before ejaculation) which is a bit like Russian Roulette, and sometimes she would douche afterwards, which neither method is very effective as birth control. I don't think she or you are bad persons for what you have done. That may not be what most people consider to be normal, but it is your own business and nothing to be ashamed of. It is just life and you should not feel bad about it. You sound like a very nice person indeed in my opinion. Of course, I have to admit to being quite eccentric personally. Well, good luck, and don't let the morons here make you feel bad.

he probably said something like... were brother and sister, nothing could happen between us, we used to bath together, or something similar to those.. to be honest a brother and sister at that age should not do that but there's nothing wrong with it

You know how much you love your brother, I don't see why you'd have to hold back feelings for someone you love. Would you care if it led to other things? The line is for you to draw. Even if you cross the line unintentionally, you can always cross back over.

Well, after reading the first few comments, I thought I'd totally misread the scenario. I thought the author was a male. But then, after reading the comments I realized it may be a female. But THEN, I read it a third time - the author doesn't say! So we have two potential scenarios - old bro asking to see his sister naked, or older bro asking to see younger bro naked.

The second scenario may not be all that shocking to most people as children of the same gender often share rooms (and baths) - at least when they're younger. Another factor is the social trends of the time. Now, when we were much younger (I was 11 and my brother 13) my brother started going around the house naked when our parents were out. I thought it was odd but it didn't bother me (since I'm male, as well). His greater physical development (such as it was, but then I was pre-pubescent) was of mild interest to me, but I tried to ignore him. He always told me I could "git nekkid" too, but I was far too shy for that, even though we were both boys. I had yet to experience the mandatory group showers at junior high which were the norm back then.

One day, he changed his "offer" to an order and forced me to take all my clothes off. I did NOT like that at all, but I did what he told me since he could, and did, kick my butt periodically. But, in the end, after some period of time, I actually grew used to enjoy being naked at home - and it may have helped me when it came time for those mandatory showers the following year and it persists to this day. So, in a brother/brother scenario, I see no big deal in this situation (given, particularly, that the younger person was at worst ambivalent about it. HOWEVER...

I think it all depends upon one's family culture. If a brother approaches his sister desiring to see her naked, and she reciprocates by her wish to see him so, it clearly shows that it was not the first time. Both are young, mature and know well male-female bodies. Probably at that time both were anxious to see and be seen naked. If frankness does to that extent, fine. Let both of them be happy in nude. And if they move ahead, even it is welcome. Sex all the time will be available, easily, free of cost and excellent.

everyone is born with an urge to be naked which is forced out of us by a repressive society. You are just following this natural instinct. It's ok as long as it doesn't turn sexual. I hope you both have bf's and gf's too

there is something to do with biology, if a sister gets a kid from her brother wich both the sister and brother from same parents their kid wont be normal twisted in some way, physicaly mentaly or both ways

it won't lead to more if you don't want it is normal to be curious about other's bodies, and normal to ask someone you trust.if it were to go further you should set some boundaries. (that would be yuck.)

Is it going to lead to other stuff? Do you want it to? Was he hard? Were you turned on? Are you turned on now, thinking about it? Only you can answer these questions. And him, too. Coz even if you wanted it to go somewhere, if he doesn't, then it probably won't. And stop holding out, what did he say? We need more info to say if it's normal or not!

OMG I can't even date a girl who looks like a family member. I would not be comfortable in that situation. Looking at your siblings naked body is normal enough... but incest is not. Incest is not natural. We are hardwired to not want to sleep with our siblings, more so if you are close with them, and even more so if you grew up with them. In fact the closer you are with them the more perverse it is. Some could argue that incest, like everything, has it's place. Keeping power in the family or control over a government or corporation, but even then it is wrong. There is no way your offspring would have a fair chance, and would be more suseptable to virus due to a lack of germs and a lack of new genetic material(germs, DNA, traits). If you can't attract a mate that isn't your sibling, you arn't trying hard enough. Let's say the sex is merely recreational and not for breeding purposes, and that later you wish to have a mate you are not related to. How do you think they'll react to the fact you gave your siblings your viginity? It's a turn off to most people, myself included. Hell, I may just ask the next girl I'm with if she ever had sex with family because I'm not into that.

Yeah - you crossed the line and came out with what? A lot of mixed up feelings and justifications about you, your sexuality, & your relationship with your brother. Drop the experiment it isn't good for you, nor future relationships. Start undoing the mess with your brother by being straight with him and drawing some real, real clear lines. In time this will pass as just a dumb idea. 350c69d7ab


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